Ordination & Incardination Application Process

  1. The first step is to digest the posted information about our church, and then contact us to discuss your potential interest in the United Catholic Church and explore any questions you might have.   If and when you are ready to go forward with an application for admission as a clergyperson, either through  incardination or ordination, the multi-part information application packet described below is then submitted.
  2. A criminal background check and a MMPI psychological profile examination and interview is required, and is done as the first step in the admissions process.

If you have already had a MMPI Psychological Screening completed, the examination requirement can be filled by sending us copies of the results or by putting us in touch with the agency or psychologist which administered them, and by authorizing the us to access your information so we can obtain a report.   Criminal and credit background check requirements may also be fulfilled through the presentation of already-executed reports.


 Application Packet Contents Description

A.           Personal History Information Packet Contents

  • Name, address, phone (home, work, cell) and email contact information.
  • A complete, full work history, resume.
  • A photograph (3×5 or larger), a photocopy of your drivers’ license or other photo ID, and your social security number.  (Use snail mail for these.  We will protect your private information and maintain it in the Church central files.  It will not be released to others.)
  • Photocopies of baptismal, confirmation, and ordination certificates; also, letters of excardination from other jurisdictions
  • The name of three personal references.  These references will be contacted.
  • The personal history packet also includes a paper that describes your personal background.    It includes a description of your life journey and also includes a disclosure of your financial, sexual, legal and personal health.    What is your financial situation?  Have you had any bankruptcies?  What is your sexual orientation?  Are you married?  Are you living with someone?  Have you been divorced?  Have you had marriages annulled?  Are you “in the closet” about anything?  Are there any possible impediments to ordination?  Are you hiding anything from family, friends, co-workers?  What is the condition of your physical and mental health?  Have you ever been arrested for a crime?  Were you convicted?  How was the case against you resolved?
B.           Spiritual History Packet Contents:
  • A paper that includes an in-depth discussion of your religious background and training, your spiritual history, and a full description of your overall spiritual journey resulting in this application.  If you have had problems with other churches, this should also be discussed in depth.  What were they?  Why did you leave them?    Why have you chosen the United Catholic Church?
  • A paper describing your felt call to ministry your  ministry activity plans, and your proposed means for supporting that ministry.
  • A paper that describes your personal theology.
C.           Education and Ministry Plans Packet Contents:
  • Certified transcripts from all institutions of higher education.
  • A paper describing how you have satisfied the academic requirements for the level to which you seek to be ordained or incardinated and any gaps that remain, and how you plan to satisfy those requirements, as best you know at this time.

Once your materials have been reviewed and you have been accepted by the church as a candidate for incardination or ordination, a  Formation Director will be assigned to guide you through the rest of your formation period.


Ready to get Started?

Send us an email at UnitedCatholic@snet.net and explain your situation and goals, and tell us about any questions you have.